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Formax FD 390 Paper Folder


FORMAX FD-390 Paper Folder

PDF Brochure: Formax FD 390 Paper FolderFormax FD-390 high speed paper folders are ideal for mail rooms, print shops, mail houses or virtually any other high volume application.

Built with heavy-duty rollers and steel fold plates, this unit has the durability to last. The bottom in-feed air system allows for continuous loading of forms while the extended out-feed stacker cuts down on the unloading of folded documents. Both features decrease processing time and increase efficiency. A chart for seven common fold settings is located on the out-feed stacker for easy setup. Micro-adjustment knobs are used to fine-tune the stopper position making crisp and accurate folds every time.

Formax FD390 Paper Folder Standard Features:


Bottom Air Feed: Allows for continuous loading of forms


Variable Speed: Folds up to speeds of 35,000 forms per hour


5-digit Counter: Keeps an accurate count of all folded documents.


Multiple Air Adjustments: Allows for feeding consistency on varying applications.


Adjustable Side Guides: Compensates for un-square paper stock. The guides can be easily adjusted for the skew and returned to square.


Fine Tune Adjustment: Accurately sets stoppers for crisp and accurate folds.


Out-feed Extended Conveyor: Keeps folded documents in a neat and sequential order.


User Friendly Design: The in-feed and out-feed are located on the same side, saving space and time.


Heavy Duty Fold Plates: Solid Steel construction allows for the processing of heavier stock paper.


Flexible Paper Fold Length: Can fold documents from 3" x 5" to 14" x 20".

Formax FD 390 Paper Folder Specifications:

Variable Speed:Up to 35,000 sheets/hour
Hopper Capacity:Up to 350 Sheets
Paper Sizes:Length 5" - 20"
Width 3" - 14""

Up to 65 lb cover stock

Power:110 VAC 20 amp 60 HZ
Dimensions:49" L x 24.5"W x 50"H (base included)

Formax FD390 Machine Control Panel

Formax FD390 Machine Control Panel

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