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Continuous Form Check Signer: Formax FD100

Formax FD 450
Letter /Envelope Opener


Formax FD450 Letter / Envelope Opener

Formax FD-450 envelope openers reliably operate at speeds of up to 300 envelopes per minute. A variety of envelope sizes can be processed at once without pre-sorting.

One side of the envelope is slit so that the contents are left undamaged with no messy paper scraps to clean up. This will increase work flow and ensure document integrity. Automate the tedious task of opening incoming mail with the Formax FD 450!

Formax FD 450 Envelope Opener Standard Features:


Slitting Action: Neatly slits one side of the envelope. No messy paper scraps to clean.


Automatic Mail: Up to 300 envelopes/minute.


Mixed Mail: Handles a variety of sizes without pre-sorting.


Compact Design: Ideal for any business or department.

Formax FD 450 Envelope Opener Specifications:

Hopper Speed:Up to 300 envelopes/min.
Envelope Sizes:3.5" - 11" height, 5.5" - 15.6" length
Thickness:Up to 3/16"
Power:110 Volts
Weight:20 lbs.
Dimensions:31"L x 12"W x 9"H

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