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Secure laser check writing from virtually any accounting system!


Entry level check writing utility for off-the shelf accounting systems:

CheckSprint CheckWriter - Laser Checkwriter for Quickbooks, Peachtree and other accounting programs
Entry Level Laser Checkwriter

CheckSprint Laser Check Writer

Our basic checkwriting software offers a Windows® print utility to capture check printing output from any Windows®-based accounting program.  Captured check printing is then combined with a custom check "recipe" containing the MICR line, bank account information and your company logo. [ Sample Check ]

This software-based checkwriter replaces the need for a traditional mechanical checkwriter but is also capable of transforming the printed output of nearly any Windows®-based accounting system into the proper format for MICR laser checkwriting. Use the same blank security paper for numerous accounts or subsidiaries! Our pressure seal checks and other pressure seal forms are also supported.

Highly secure checkwriting software for large companies:

Interlaser6 Secure Check Writing Software

Corporate Check Writer & Secure Document Software

Interlaser6: Secure Document Writing Software

InterLaser6 provides the ability to securely write a wide variety of documents including checks, invoices and statements. SmartCard security prevents unauthorized use. Offering most of the security features of Certichex32, InterLaser6 is the preferred selection when other form types are to be produced and a graphical form designer is necessary.

Variable imaging and output conversion software for laser checkwriting and more!

Laser Check Writing & More!


While not especially designed for laser checkwriting, Planet Press offers enterprise output management and can perform secure checkwriting and remote check distribution. PlanetPress can convert the standard printing from virtually any host application or platform into efficient laser forms and send print jobs to various laser printers on your network or WAN.

Optional PlanetPress Watch, Fax and Image and Search modules provide faxing, imaging and distribution of documents based on data contained within the original print stream.

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Troy Security Printers Enhance Security of Certichex32 Check Writing Software

Which check writing solution should you choose?
 Medium to large sized companies: 
 Other printed output also requires conversion:  
 If you wish to reformat and print other documents like invoices & statements as well as checks, PlanetPress may be better suited to your needs. 
 Low Volume Check Writing:  
 If you have a small company and use an off-the-shelf accounting program like QuickBooks™ or Peachtree™, our CheckSprint™ Laser Check Writer will meet your requirements. 

 Does converting to laser checkwriting sound interesting? Please describe your concerns &  requirements and we'll produce a detailed proposal and analysis outlining the advantages of MICR laser checkwriting.