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Welcome! Here you will find printed business forms of all types as well as powerful office technologies to streamline office processing tasks and enhance productivity.

We have blank laser checks to support MICR laser check writing software. We also offer complete solutions for MICR laser check printing, variable data printing, and pressure seal checks & forms. Reliable processing machines including pressure folder/sealers, folder/inserters, check signers & MICR laser printers are also available.

Variable Data Printing Software & Innovative Business Forms

Transform your printing to produce innovative business forms and mailers with integrated I.D. cards and labels using PlanetPress, our print stream transformation software. Deliver decals, membership cards and promotional stickers with your message using card/form and label/form combinations. Restructure and convert your print data to create multiple forms of simultaneous output including pressure seal forms, e-mail, fax and PDF images. Planet Press can reformat the printed output from virtually any host computer to perform distributed laser printing throughout your organization. Planet Press is truly an enterprise-class output management system!


Laser Checks & Laser Check Printing Software

Print checks from virtually any accounting system on secure, blank check forms. Use the same blank checks for multiple bank accounts or companies. Our laser check printing software adds powerful MICR laser check printing capability to your existing accounting software, usually without programming or software modification. Our check writing software is compatible with Windows-based accounting programs as well as check printing output produced by mainframes, AS/400 and UNIX. Blank laser checks are available in numerous sizes, colors and formats including pressure seal checks & one piece mailers.

Pressure Seal Mailers & Processing Equipment

Create efficient, self-sealing mailers with quality pressure seal forms and durable pressure seal machines. Pressure sensitive forms are sealed without water or heat in a pressure folder/sealer - they're perfect for payroll and AP checks, rebate checks, invoices, statements and much more. One-piece "self" mailers are inexpensive to mail and produce savings almost immediately. Choose pressure seal folder/sealers from all major manufacturers including PSMailers, Paitec, InfoSeal and our own line, Ameraseal by Formax. Reformatting your print jobs for pressure seal checks and forms is easy with PlanetPress 6, our print stream conversion software.

Troy MICR Printers & Security MICR Toner Cartridges

Troy MICR printers are based on the popular line of laser printers by Hewlett Packard. Troy adds numerous security features and equips each printer with a printer-based MICR font and high-quality Troy MICR toner cartridge. Choose from three levels of security with standard or locking paper trays. TROY Security Toner, the latest break through in TROY toner technology, creates a highly visible red stain when alteration is attempted using a solvent. TROY Security Toner, a patented solution, is recommended for all sensitive and negotiable documents.

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Pressure Seal
& Forms

11" and 14" Pressure Seal Checks and Forms for Secure Document Processing

Pressure seal checks and forms become one piece mailers when processed through a folder/sealer. Eliminate form obsolescence and the need to purchase, store and stuff envelopes.

Pressure Seal Technology will also enhance your financial document security by removing the risk of inserting more than one document or the wrong document into an envelope!