Aces E-commerce

On-line commerce solutions for your company…

Simplify ordering of employee business cards, company stationery and corporate logo apparel!
ACES Custom Company Stores

Custom “company stores” are only a click away when you employ the use of the American Customer-Driven Electronic Solution (ACES). Catalogs are set up to satisfy your needs and may be open to the public or closed to members of your organization via passwords – it’s your choice.

Your customized catalogs will contain items specific to your organization.

  • Custom Business Forms and Supplies
  • Employee Business Cards, Letterheads and Envelopes
  • Name Badges & Uniforms
  • Corporate Brochures and Marketing Collateral
  • Logo-Imprinted Promotional Items
  • Corporate Logo Apparel

Designate certain members of your organization to review and approve orders. Notify supervisors, managers, etc. when orders take place. ACES can also be used to release customer-owned products that are stored in our warehouse. Standard shopping features include browsing, searching, shopping lists and on-line ordering. Save time and money by utilizing ACES on-line catalogs!

Company Catalog – A custom listing of items currently purchased from and/or warehoused and distributed by American.  Enter repeat orders and warehouse releases with a point-and-click.

Template Catalog – ACES allows you to format, copy edit, proof and place orders on-line for company business cards, letterhead, employee name badges or any other item that requires customization or personalization.

Some common business uses for ACES are:

  • Creating company-specific e-commerce catalogs with a custom storefront
  • Purchasing or releasing products from American
  • Checking inventory status or product usage rates
  • Management reporting
Additional Features:

Security – In addition to being unsurpassed in functionality, ACES is secure. Access to ACES can either be implemented through your Intranet or password, controlled by American. Either way, traffic is carefully monitored. Different levels of user access can also be programmed into ACES for your convenience. You can elect to restrict access or create an electronic purchasing approval process suitable for your needs.

Reports – Because ACES is a fully integrated e-commerce solution, all transactions are captured for reporting purposes. Whether you require reporting by location, cost center, individual or a combination, ACES delivers. You choose the format. On-line reporting allows you to access reports such as: detail usage, summary usage, recommended reorder, summary inventory on hand, 12 month usage and more. Reports are mailed or faxed to you.