Card Form Combinations

Stock and Custom Forms with Membership Cards

Deliver a membership card with your welcome letter or mailing. Print your letter or offer with a personalized card using your laser printer:

Flip and seal to laminate card

An integrated card form combination consists of a base document called a carrier, a backing and usually a printer compatible face laminate. The form is produced by printing the carrier sheet, applying the backing and applying the face laminate. The card is then die cut through the face and the carrier but not through the backing.

Integrated and affixed card forms are perfect for:

An affixed card form combination includes a card that is applied to the sheet separately. Affixed cards can be cleanly peeled away from the base form after laser printing. A wide variety of materials can be used for the card.

Our “Do-It-Yourself” Option:  For small organizations and projects we offer many blank formats.

PG1 Punch-out

Stock forms can be printed with your color laser printer. Several formats are compatible with ink-jet printers too.  Click here to see our stock forms with laser printable integrated cards.

Custom Card Forms for Larger Organizations and Projects:

For large organizations wishing to provide a very professional looking membership card/letter combination we produce custom forms of the following types:

Custom “Laser Clean” Affixed Cards

This unique, highly heat resistant material is specially top-coated for laser toner receptivity. It is ideal for both continuous and sheet fed laser printed applications. Excellent durability and toner adhesion. Available in 5 or 7.5 mil thickness.

Custom Vinyl Clean-Release Cards

Vinyl Clean-Release cards can be custom coated with a matte (EDP) or glossy finish. EDP is suitable for impact and some laser printers. Vinyl carriers are available in 8 or 10 mil thickness.

Custom Paper Clean-Release Cards

8 pt. Tag (paper) cards are ideally suited for low cost temporary membership cards when durability is not a priority. Recommended for most printers, including impact and laser printers. Available in both 8 and 10 point stocks. Comes with a signature compatible release liner.