Pressure Seal

What Is Pressure Seal?

Pressure Seal is a technology used to create one piece, self-mailing forms. Unlike first generation self-mailers, pressure seal forms are sealed using a revolutionary process that does not require adhesives, water or heat. Instead, patterns of a pre-applied, pressure sensitive “cohesive” are aligned during the folding process and bond only to each other when extreme pressure is applied. After being printed by an ordinary laser printer, pressure seal forms are tightly folded and sealed in a machine called a folder/sealer. Pressure seal technology is ideal for any large batch of one-page documents requiring fast production and mailing.

Pressure Seal Forms Eliminate Envelopes & Processing Time!

Blank pressure seal forms come in many sizes, colors and configurations and are compatible with most laser printers. Both general purpose forms and pressure seal checks are available. Pressure seal technology is primarily suited to documents that fit on a single page and it is very important to choose a pressure seal form large enough to hold the maximum amount of data that a single page of output can contain.

Pressure seal forms are available in both 11″ and 14″ lengths (as well as a few other sizes for specialized applications) and can be ordered with a preprinted company logo or other preprinted information. It is important to note that a substantial part of a pressure seal form is typically used for the address panel of the folded document. Therefore, output that once fit on an 11″ page may not fit on a pressure seal form of equal size. Fortunately, 14″ pressure seal forms are available and software utilities can reduce and restructure the standard output produced by most software programs to fit pressure seal forms. 

Converting Standard Output for Printing on Pressure Seal Forms:

Restructuring the printed output from your host system to fit pressure seal forms is easily handled by PlanetPress, our variable data  printing and output reformatting software. PlanetPress creates intelligent electronic forms that reside on the printer which are capable of dynamically restructuring printed pages for use with pressure seal forms.

For more basic reformatting requirements, we offer PageSprint™, a Windows® print utility that restructures printing from any off-the shelf accounting program like QuickBooks™ and Sage™. 

Quality Pressure Sealers from Four Manufacturers:

Pressure Sealers are used to seal pressure seal forms after they are printed by laser or impact printers. Machine features, speed and duty cycles vary. We carry pressure folder/sealers by three manufacturers with models available to seal any volume of pressure seal forms. Pressure sealers with automatic fold settings are available to simplify back office processing. Most folder/sealers can fold ordinary documents too, enhancing the efficiency and processing of other correspondence and mailings. 

Does converting to pressure seal sound interesting? Please let us know your requirements and we’ll produce a detailed proposal and analysis outlining the benefits and savings offered by pressure seal technology!