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Certex Model 55

Automatic Check Signer


are also available to qualified buyers.
is available on most equipment and software.


Stamp secure signatures on individual checks...


Stamp signatures on single and hand written checks with ease and security...

Certex Model 55 Mechanical Check Signer:

Certex Model 55 Stamping Type Check SignerDual locking system is the ultimate in control. One lock turns off the electronics when not in use. The other lock prevents access to the signature plate by unauthorized personnel.

The unique design lets you interchange the signature plates horizontally or vertically. The entire plate is removable for security when not in use.

Non-Resettable counter that records number of impressions for unit control.


The non-resettable counter records number of impressions made.

Single, double or triple signatures that can be used with a solid or three-color ribbon. The signature plates can be inserted horizontally or vertically. Just insert your check... and the switch is automatically tripped to imprint your signature.


The rugged, all-metal construction is designed to perform indefinitely. The signature plate is made of a Miraclon, an indestructible polymer.


Certex Model 55 Sample Signature

Optional Tri-Color Signature

Optional Multi-Color Signature with Security Tri-Color Ribbon


              Certex Model 55 Check Signer Specifications

Height7.7 inches
Width6.5 inches
Depth10.5 inches
Weight14.8 lbs.
Power110VAC, 60Hz , 0.5 amps
Current0.50 Amps
LockingDual, power and Signature Plate 

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The Certex Company, Inc. is a 50-year-old Colorado Corporation

Perfect for hand written checks

Stamps a signature with each insertion

Rugged cast case construction
Ribbon is easy to change
Removable signature plate
Color and tri-color ribbons optional

Adjustable guide

Ribbons available in black, red, purple and tri-color.