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Laser check printing for virtually any accounting system!


Highly secure MICR check printing software for corporations:


Interlase 6 Check Printing Software

Corporate Check & Secure Document Printing Software


Interlaser 6: Secure Check & Document Printing Software

InterLaser 6 provides the ability to safely print a wide variety of forms including checks, invoices and statements. Smart-Card security prevents unauthorized access. With many of the security features found in Certichex 32, InterLaser6 is the preferred choice when other types of forms are to be printed and a WYSIWYG layout designer is required.


CheckSprint - Laser Check Printing Software for Quickbooks, Peachtree and other accounting programs

Entry Level Check Printing Software

CheckSprint Laser Check Printing Software

Our entry level MICR check printing software provides a Windows® print utility that intercepts check printing data from any Windows®-based accounting system.  Intercepted check printing is then merged with a custom check overlay containing the MICR line, bank information and company logo. [ Sample Check ]

CheckSprint is capable of rearranging the printed output of virtually any Windows®-based accounting program into the proper format for MICR laser check printing on blank check forms.  Use the same blank check paper for multiple accounts or companies! Our Ameraseal™ fold-and-seal forms and other pressure seal mailers are also supported.


Powerful print stream transformation software for enterprise MICR check printing and distribution:

Check Printing Software & More!


While not designed specifically for check printing, Planet Press Suite is an enterprise output management and variable data printing system that can handle secure check printing and much more.  Planet Press can transform the printed output from virtually any host system into attractive laser forms and distribute print jobs automatically to the appropriate laser printers across your network.

Additional Planet Press Watch, Fax and Image and Search modules add automatic faxing capability and PDF imaging.

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Laser Check Printing creates checks suitable for Magnetic Character Ink Recognition

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Troy Security Printers are compatible with our check printing software
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Using a Troy Security Printer Enhances the Security of our Certichex32 Check Printing Software


Which check printing software should you buy?

 Medium to large companies: 
 If your company prints more than 500 checks per month, Certichex 32 is probably the best choice for secure, corporate laser check printing.  
 General laser forms printing in addition to checks: 
 If you wish to transform and distribute other forms like tax forms & purchase orders as well as checks, Planet Press will provide the additional functionality you require. 
 Small Companies or Low Volume: 
 If you have a small business and use an off-the-shelf accounting software like QuickBooks™ or Peachtree™, our CheckSprint™ Laser Check Printing Software  will probably meet your needs.