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Securely sign checks and documents with laser printed facsimile signatures


Software Based Check Signing with CheckSprint™ Check Signer

Add secure facsimile signatures to your checks as part of the original printing process....

Similar to our CheckSprint™ Laser Check Writer product, CheckSprint™ Laser Check Signer adds password-protected, facsimile signatures to your checks as they are printed by your accounting program. Once installed, the an "effects" printer becomesCertex 3200 Sample Signature available to your applications and a new icon appears in your system tray. By right-clicking on this icon you can control all aspects of the check printing system. Simply print to the Effects Printer and eliminate the entire process of signing checks by hand or machine! 

Automatically sign checks as they are printed from applications like QuickBooks® and Peachtree® 

CheckSprint™ Laser Check Signer is compatible with virtually any Windows® program and can also be used to sign letters and official correspondence. Multiple signature blocks can be configured to print for a wide variety of applications. Signing is controlled by a password dialog box that appears during the printing process. Selection of the signature is made on the fly and the signature configuration menu is accessed with a handy icon in the Windows system tray. The configuration utility provides signature import functions as well as the ability to position and scale signatures to fit properly on your preprinted checks. Access to signature "recipes" are then password protected for security.

Eliminate the expense of maintaining a stand-alone check signer!

Mechanical check signers add a labor intensive step to your check printing process. It is the application of signatures, often with a continuous form check signer that deters many companies from converting to laser check printing. While they are secure, mechanical check signers are difficult to maintain and use expensive ink rollers that are messy to change. Signature plates must be ordered and replaced whenever a change in management occurs and plates must usually be removed and locked away each time the check signer is used. If a continuous form check signer is holding you back from converting to laser check printing, consider CheckSprint™ Check Signer as the first step toward MICR laser check printing. Upgrading to full MICR capability and eliminating preprinted forms is only a few steps away!

For the ultimate in signature security, choose our CheckSprint™ SECURE USB  & CheckSprint™ SECURE AUDIT options. Signatures can be safely stored on a password protected USB Flash Drive offering 256 Bit AES encryption and all check signing can be securely logged in a password protected audit file.

 Automatic facsimile signatures for any Windows application

Single user license from $395.00 includes and 1 year of software support.


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CheckSprint™ High-Security Options: USB Signature Storage and Secure Audit Log
High Security Options:


Store signatures on a password protected USB Flash Drive with 256 Bit AES encryption.

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Are you ready to eliminate preprinted checks entirely?

If you are buying expensive preprinted checks or have numerous bank accounts or companies, secure laser checkwriting will save time and money. CheckSprint Laser Check Writer intercepts check printing from your accounting system and merges bank address,  MICR line, company logo and signatures for one-pass printing on blank check forms.