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PSMailers Folder Sealers

Check Sealers from $2,195.00

Bri-Lin Infinity Solutions LMQ Pressure Folder SealerA patented pressure seal technology provides a secure solution to meet the increasing demand for secure forms processing. The PSMailers Pressure Seal System is the result of over 30 years of experience in the document processing industry providing the dependability and ease of use to meet the challenges of today’s payroll and post processing requirements.

Paitec Folder Sealers

America’s newest and most innovative pressure seal machine manufacturer, Paitec USA offers a broad range of standalone and in-line pressure seal machines each engineered for specific needs and volumes. Paitec USA sealers feature the best sealing technologies in the marketplace today.


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About Folder Sealers
Folder/Sealers are used to seal one-piece checks and mailers. Pressure seal forms are sealed without water or heat using one of these  special sealing machines.
When passed through a pressure sealer, cohesive patterns on our pressure seal forms will adhere only to each other. 
A secure "envelope" will be formed that is addressed and ready to mail. 
Pressure seal is perfect for payroll checks, notices, pin mailers and any other form of business communication that can be printed to a single page.
It's even possible to include a return mailer within a pressure seal form. Call for details!

For more information on Pressure Seal Technology, read our Pressure Seal Technology Overview.