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Welcome! Our solutions for check printing & check signing, variable data printing and pressure seal prove that high-tech isn't necessarily high-priced!

We offer powerful and affordable technologies to simplify many tedious and costly business procedures as well as a complete line of business forms and printed products. We have software to convert and restructure your current laser printing to fit our printer-compatible pressure seal forms, checks and combination mailers. Our check printing software enhances financial document security and prints checks complete with the MICR line and signatures on our secure blank check forms.

Secure MICR Laser Check Printing

Print checks directly from your accounting system on secure blank laser checks. Merge your check printing data with a company logo, bank account information and the MICR line in a single pass. Use the same blank checks for multiple accounts or subsidiaries! Securely reprint checks with password protected access and produce detailed audit reports. Ourhighly secure MICR laser check printing software designed for enterprise check printing and is compatible with most corporate accounting systems and works in conjunction with Troy MICR printers.

CheckSprint Laser CheckwriterAlso available: CheckSprint™ Laser Check Writer. This secure print utility adds basic MICR laser check printing to off-the-shelf accounting packages like QuickBooks® and Peachtree®.

PlanetPress 6 Print Stream Transformation and Reformatting SoftwareElectronic Forms & Variable Data Printing

Convert output from virtually any host system to attractive laser printing and eliminate expensive preprinted checks and forms. Design your own electronic form overlays with an easy-to-use form designer. Electronic e-forms can reside on a server or on the printer itself and are seamlessly merged with host data on printing. PlanetPress can automatically image, e-mail or fax output based on data within the print stream. Intelligently distribute print jobs across your network with this sophisticated variable data printing system. While very powerful, Planet Press is also simple to use and deploy!

Also available: PageSprint™. This secure print utility reformats and restructures the printed output from virtually any Windows® software application for printing on pressure seal forms or our innovative form combinations.

Pressure Seal technology is used to create one piece mailersPressure Seal

Pressure Seal is a technology used to create highly secure, one-piece mailers. Pressure Seal is perfect for payroll checks, statements, notices — even marketing letters and promotions. Pressure seal forms and checks are sealed with a special machine without heat or water. We offer durable pressure seal machines from all leading folder/sealer manufacturers: Infinity Solutions, PSMailers, Paitec and Formax.

Pressure Seal Forms: High-quality pressure seal checks and multi-purpose pressure seal forms in numerous colors and layouts including special two-way forms with an integrated return mailer.

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Forms Jogger Enhances Processing Throughput!


Formax Business Forms Jogger Enhances Throughput

 The AS-400 Forms Jogger will align and separate business forms and reduce static electricity created by laser printers. Jogging forms prior to further processing will improve throughput and reduce jamming in other forms processing machines such as folder/sealers, cut-sheet check signers and folder/inserters.