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Laser Checks

Hundreds of stock check formats from which to choose


What are Laser Checks?


More accurately called laser printer checks, blank laser checks are cut-sheet forms used in laser printers for MICR laser check printing.

Unlike ordinary paper, strong security features are present in laser checks including genuine and artificial watermarks, thermochromic temperature sensitive inks, micro-printed lines and covert fluorescent fibers. Laser checks are often designed with a security pantograph which contains an invisible "void" that becomes apparent when a check is photocopied or scanned. Blank laser checks should be used in conjunction with a MICR printer or an ordinary laser printer equipped with a MICR toner cartridge. Additional add-on software may be required to use blank laser checks with your accounting system.

Blank Laser ChecksBlank Laser Checks

Over one hundred stock laser checks from which to choose:

Numerous security features are present in our stock blank laser checks including genuine and artificial watermarks, micro-printed lines, fluorescent fibers, thermochromic inks and warning bands. Many formats include a security pantograph containing a hidden "void" which becomes visible when the check is copied or scanned. Our laser checks come in many sizes and layouts and are designed to pass smoothly through popular laser printers.


Our software-compatible, preprinted laser checks come in various sizes and colors and are designed to pass smoothly through all laser printers.

While our blank laser checks are designed primarily for use with MICR laser printers and MICR toner cartridges, our preprinted laser checks can be used with low cost ink-jet printers and are ready to work with your accounting software.


Preprinted Laser ChecksPreprinted Laser Checks are Software Compatible

Our preprinted, software-compatible laser checks are guaranteed to work with your accounting program:

We print your name, address and bank information. For a quick quote, indicate the quantity desired and specify your accounting system and whether you need payroll, accounts payable or multi-purpose checks. Five standard colors and a selection of backgrounds are available for most styles of laser checks. We respond with pricing and options upon receipt of your e-mail. Standard orders for laser checks ship within five business days.

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FingerprintTM  & Fingerprint IITM
High Security Blank
Laser Checks

FTI Fingerprint and Fingerprint-II High-Security Laser Checks

Copy "Void" Feature
The amount line is printed with different pantograph background than the signature area and the balance of the check. The patented use of multiple pantograph designs produces voids through different density settings on the copier.
ABA Check Endorsement
A Knight™, Fingerprint Security™ wording and a Fingerprint are printed in the endorsement area on the back of the check and are facsimiles of the water marks. The endorsement is also printed with a warning clause indicating the face of the check contains a colored pantograph background the same as the check.
Artificial Knight™ & Fingerprint™ Watermarks
cannot be photocopied and may be seen when holding at an angle. The watermarks will turn blue when viewed under blacklight.
Fluorescent Fibers
will turn blue when viewed under blacklight.
Micro Printing
in borders on the check and the endorsement area are micro printed with Fingerprint Security™ and can only be seen when magnified. Micro-printing cannot be photocopied or scanned.
Secure Signature & Amount Areas
with different pantograph backgrounds contain an exclusive Knight™, Fingerprint and Fingerprint Check™ wording. The patented use of multiple pantograph designs produces voids through different density settings on the copier.