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Security-Enhanced & Compliant with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition


TROY MICR PRINTERSTroy MICR printers are based on the popular family of Hewlett-Packard laser printers.


All Troy printers ship with a genuine Troy MICR toner cartridge and printer-resident MICR fonts. Optional locking paper trays are available on all models. There are three Troy security levels from which to choose.

Troy MICR 4014 MICR Printer

Troy MICR Printers

Standard Troy MICR printers are designed for secure environments that require only basic security features on the printer.

Troy adds the following to ordinary HP LaserJet printers:

Exact Positioning Technology (ExPT™), MICR toner sensing, disable jam recovery, auto density control, low toner warning, MICR fonts, security and convenience fonts, MicroPrint capability, MICR menu lockout, flash memory for signatures & logos, datastream tray locks and tray mapping.

Troy MICR Secure Printers

Troy MICR Secure models provide additional security features for a more secure printing environment. Secure MICR printers can be configured to require MICR activation codes within the print stream to enable MICR printing.

Additional security features found on Troy MICR Secure models:

Encryption/Decryption, PIN printer lock, secure signatures and logos, audit trail reporting, PIN-activated controls (printer, MICR, job).

Troy MICR Secure Ex Printers

For MICR printing with the highest level of security, Troy MICR Secure Ex Printers provide several additional security features and locking paper trays are standard.

Three Position Key-Lock - Avialable on Troy Secure Ex MICR PrintersThe greatest level of security is available on Troy's MICR Secure Ex models:

Standard paper tray locks, 3-position print lock, TROYmark™ anti-tampering technology, auto-protect font.

Control MICR line position on the printer panel with ExPT™ Exact Positioning Technology - Available on all models of Troy printersExPT™ Exact Positioning Technology - Available on all models of Troy printers

ExPT allows operators to precisely adjust the MICR line on the MICR printer, rather than in the software.


Troy Security MICR Toner with Red DyeTROY MICR Toner Secure™

TROY Security Toner, the latest break through in TROY toner technology, creates a highly visible red stain when alteration is attempted using a solvent.

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Laser Check Printing Technology Overview

Exact Positioning Technology available on Troy printers



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Upgrades for existing HP LaserJet printer owners and a full selection of MICR toner cartridges, blank laser checks and printer accessories are also available.