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Reformat printing from any Windows® application!


Capture and reformat printed output from virtually any Windows® software program...

PageSprint is the core of the PageSprint™printing system. Compatible with Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, and XP, PageSprint™ works with every Windows® software application and HP compatible laser printer. PageSprint™ is itself, a printer driver that captures print data from applications and executes rules (called Print Recipes) before printing. Recipes intercept print data and change the page order, orientation, size and layout of a document. In additional to converting and transforming the printed layout, PageSprint™ recipes add graphics, images, and other effects before rendering a final, converted page. With PageSprint™ the user can fulfill the promise of printing in ways the host application cannot!

Versatile PageSprint™ print utility solves any printing problem for any application, for any laser printer.

As an example of PrintSprint's power to restructure printing, consider the ability to convert data from your accounting system for printing on pressure seal forms. Most host systems produce fixed reports designed for ordinary cut-sheet paper. PageSprint™ can extract addresses and detail information as it is printed from your accounting program. The extracted text is repositioned, scaled and enhanced to fit blank pressure seal mailers. Your converted output is then printed with additional components including signatures, logos - even electronic postage!

PageSprint™ print recipes are the key to powerful output conversion and flexible data transformation.

Print recipes are rules that define how data will be combined and restructured on a printed page. The rules are flexible enough to allow for repositioning, scaling, rotation, colorization, skewing, and clipping of original pages. Print recipes can also add simple graphics, imported images and other effects to create additional layers in your printed output. PageSprint™ can create custom booklets, miniature pages, letterheads, checks, invoices, business cards and much more!

PageSprint™ is a printing tool with advanced options and capabilities:


Active Print Queue


Preview System


Data Doorway


Recipe Design Tool

The PageSprint™ conversion utility was designed with an open architecture to be flexible and powerful.

PageSprint's power is further enhanced by its open architecture. Through a simple plug-in technology, custom features can be created and integrated with standard functions to meet unique reformatting requirements. A wide variety of special plug-ins already exist to create watermarks, import JPEG and TIFF format images, generate pressure seal compatible output and much more. PageSprint™ is even capable of controlling the amount of toner that is applied to the paper! 

Currently Available Plug-ins:

re: Format

Extracts data in print-to-file output generated by a wide variety of hosts (other than Windows) to create data fields used by PageSprint™. Print restructured laser forms from other platforms like UNIX and Linux!

A suite of plug-ins to add MICR laser check printing capability to PageSprint™, making it possible to print Payroll, Direct Deposit and Accounts Payable checks on blank check forms. Use the same blank forms for multiple companies!


The PCX Signature and Security plug-ins with an appropriate print recipe to enable secure check, software-based check signing to PageSprint™. Sign checks as they are printed from your accounting application!

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Optional Plug-in Modules

PageSprint™ Security
Enhances PageSprint™ by securing any print recipe. This plug-in forces a password at print-time and can be used to secure your personal signature on checks.
Print checks with MICR encoding to meet ABA requirements. This MICR plug-in will capture the check number generated by your accounting program or generate one for you.
PCX: Signatures
Print checks with electronic signatures right from your software program. This plug-in allows you to import signatures, clean them up, and place them relative to your program's printed text.
PageSprint™ Reversed Font
This plug-in allows you to print reversed text on pressure seal forms with see-through windows.