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Preprinted Compatible Laser Checks

We have preprinted laser checks for your accounting system!


Compatible laser checks for virtually any software package...


Preprinted Software Compatible Laser Checks

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Our Preprinted, Software-Compatible Laser Checks are Guaranteed to Match Your Accounting Software!

  • We print your name, address and bank information.
  • Payroll, accounts payable and multi-purpose checks.

  • 5 colors available for most styles.
  • Standard orders ship within 10 business days.

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We also carry blank laser checks & pressure seal checks

L80139B14 Preprinted A/P Middle Check
L80143B14 Accounts Payable Laser Check
L80933B14 Accounts Payable Laser Check
L81062B14 Accounts Payable Laser Check
L80929B14 Multi-Purpose Laser Check
L80931B14 Multi-Purpose Laser Check
L81004B14 Multi-Purpose Laser Check
L81013B14 Multi-Purpose Laser Check
L81192B14 Multi-Purpose Laser Check
L80121B14 Payroll Laser Check
L80138B14 Payroll Laser Check
L80188B14 Payroll Laser Check
L80932B14 Payroll Laser Check
L81020B14 Payroll Laser Check
L80107B14 Preprinted Accounts Payable Middle Check
L80126B14 Preprinted Accounts Payable Middle Check
L80131B14 Preprinted Accounts Payable Middle Check
L80159B14 Preprinted Accounts Payable Middle Check
L80949B14 Preprinted Accounts Payable Middle Check
L80950B14 Preprinted Accounts Payable Middle Check
L81124B14 Preprinted Accounts Payable Middle Check
L80974B14 Preprinted Multi-Purpose 3-up Check
L80127B14 Preprinted Multi-Purpose Middle Check
L80960B14 Preprinted Multi-Purpose Middle Check
L80901B14 Preprinted Multi-Purpose Top Check
L80971B14 Preprinted Multi-Purpose Top Check
L80981B14 Preprinted Multi-Purpose Top Check
L81036B14 Preprinted Multi-Purpose Top Check
L81065B14 Preprinted Multi-Purpose Top Check
L80130B14 Preprinted Payroll Middle Check
L80142B14 Preprinted Payroll Middle Check
L80998B14 Preprinted Payroll Middle Check
L81063B14 Preprinted Payroll Middle Check
L81125B14 Preprinted Payroll Middle Check
L80003B14 Multi-Purpose Laser Check
L80935B14 Preprinted Laser Multi-Purpose Personal 3up Check
L81064B14 Multi-Purpose Laser Check

We Have Compatible, Preprinted
Laser Checks & Window Envelopes for:

1099-ETC (AMS) AccountEdge ACCPAC AcuPrint Secure Check AME Software American Contractor Answers on Demand-Elite Bass Software Best Books BPI Accounting Business Works BusinessVision CBS Software CCS Software Champion Software Change Management (CMI Software) Check Magic CheckMark Software, Inc.Cheque-Mate International - Insta-Pay Client Ledger Systems (FMSI) Club Systems Columbusoft Commercial Computer Service (CCS Software) Comprehensive Micro SystemsCompetition Software Inc. ComputerEase Concepts Dynamic Continental Business Systems Cougar Mountain Software Creative Solutions, Inc. CYMA Systems, Inc. DacEasy Software DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc. Easy Accounting Easy Payroll Plus Easy ACCT Franklen Computer Systems Fund EZ Fundware Geac/AEC Business Solutions (AMSI/extensity) Great Plains Intacct Juris Libro Legal Systems MAS 200 MAS 500 MAS 90 MECA Microvane Microsoft Money Midas Systems Software Money Counts MYOB NetLedger - Account Pro nP Systems Open Systems PC Mars Peachtree Pensoft Perfect Accountant Phoenix Phive Plenary Systems Plus Software ProCheck Plus Pro Tym Systems QuickBooks Quicken RealWorld Red Wing Software Roughneck SBS SBT SCS Compute Shelby Systems Simply Money Skyward Solomon Software State of the Art, Inc. Taasc Force Taxware Systems Inc. Timberline Trans Micro Truckers Helper Versa Check Visual Accounting for MAC Wellspring - Laser Check Printboss WinJewel Yardi Systems

Click Here for our Software Compatibility Guide

What if? could stop buying preprinted laser checks!

Eliminate Preprinted Checks with CheckSprint Software

Blank laser checks are more convenient and cost effective. Most accounting programs are compatible with our reformatting software. Merge the company address, bank information, MICR line and signatures in a single pass through your printer! For more information on this reasonably priced solution that eliminates the necessity of preprinted checks, please call us at 888-968-3030.


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Available color choices for blank checks

Our price includes imprinting company name, address and bank information - Call for quotation. Extra charges apply for logos and special requests.

Standard orders ship within 10 business days

All checks measure 8 x 11


Security Features

The following security features and more are built into every preprinted (laser, inkjet, and continuous) and blank check stock we offer:

 Microprinting on the front, back or signature line of a check is text that is only readable when magnified. When copied, or scanned, the text appears as a solid line even when magnified.
 Watermarks. Genuine Watermarks are designs pressed into the paper during manufacturing. When held to light, the designs are easily visible from either side of the paper. Copiers and scanners are incapable of duplicating these watermarks. Artificial Watermarks are subtly printed logos or words which can be viewed at a 45 degree angle. Copiers and scanners capture images at 90 degree angles and will not be able to duplicate these watermarks.
 Warning Box on back of the check lists the check's security features and describes how to detect an alteration.
 Security Screen with the words "original document" is easy to see but difficult to replicate.
 A Void Pantograph in the check background complicates alteration and unauthorized reproduction.